Face to Face with Stingrays

Hello, my name is Stingray!

Stingrays are animals with flat bodies, and a long spine. They can grow to be 6.5 feet long. There are about 200 species of stingrays. They are fierce for 60% of their lives, but they are fierce only for finding food.

Where are you?

Stingrays can be found in freshwater, such as the Atlantic Ocean, or in marine habitats within the world. They prefer shallow spaces, too. Like a chameleon, a stingray can change its color to hide from predators.

On Guard!

Well, many stingrays, including Blue Dotted Stingray, have venom that is delivered through its tail. That venom , and the spine itself, can be harmful to humans! If someone, or something steps on a stingray, it will most likely defend itself by striking its enemy with its sharp tail. The venom can be fatal to human beings. You will have to get medical attention immediately if you are stung.

What’s for dinner?

Stingrays will eat larvae, worms, clams, crabs, mollusks, sea snails, and shrimp. They can’t see what they are eating because their eyes are on top of their body, and their mouths are on the bottom of their body.

Are stingrays afraid of anything?

Yes!  Stingrays are afraid of two different things, but only one is really harmful to them. That is, SHARKS!  It may seem weird, but sharks are related to stingrays! You aren’t afraid of your relatives, but stingrays are smaller than MOST sharks, so they are scared of them. Sharks injure, and kill them to eat.L The second thing stingrays are afraid of are humans.





Freshwater Facts!


1# Venom from a stingray’s spine was extracted and used as anesthesia by Ancient Greek Dentists.

Stingrays spend most of their lives in water!

They find mates by using sensors in their mouths!


Venom, a poisonous substance of matter.