The Birth of the Olympics

Have you ever watched the Olympics on T.V.? Well, the first Olympics were very different than the ones you watch on your television. In ancient Greece, over 3,000 years ago the Olympics were created.

Why did the Greeks Create the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks created the Olympics to honor the Greek gods. The Greeks loved competition so they were always looking forward to this event.


Back in ancient Greece, if you expected to get a gold medal when you win, prepared to be disappointed. All you got was a wreath from an olive tree. This was because at the Olympics, all the Greeks really cared about was victory.

What Events Did They Have?

In the first Olympics, the only event they had was a  sprinting race. It was only a sprint for the first 13 Olympics. Then came jumping, wrestling, chariot racing and many others.


All of the Olympics back then were in Olympia, Greece. The cities and states that competed were Athens, Greece

Sparta, Greece, Corinth, Greece and Megara, Greece. Everyone competed for their city or state. All of Greece would come to this event, hoping their city or state would win that year.

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