The Rescue Workers of 9/11

The Crashes

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, 5 terrorists boarded United Airlines flight 11. Another 5 boarded flight 175. They were carrying box cutters. They used the box cutters to kill the pilots and take control of the plane. At 8:46 AM, flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the WTC. Then at 9:03, flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the WTC. When the 1st plane hit, people thought it was an accident, when the 2nd plane hit people knew it wasn’t.

The Rescue Workers

The NYFD ordered all of the Firefighters in the area to respond to the WTC. Hundreds of firefighters responded. Also a lot of Police, Port Authorities, and Paramedics also responded. The firefighters and paramedics were told to rescue people. The Police and Port Authorities were told to keep the crowd back and to help with evacuations.

The Collapses

At 9:59 AM, the South Tower Collapsed. Then at 10:28 AM, the North Tower collapsed. They were both filled with civilians and rescue workers. When they came down it killed many of the people inside. It also destroyed over 1,000 vehicles, 91 were from the NYFD.

Searching in the Rubble

Hundreds of civilians and rescue workers were in the in the towers when they came down. But now, they couldn’t even tell where the towers had been. Rubble piled up 5 feet high. Rescue operations began very quickly. Police, Port Authorities, paramedics, and Firefighters were missing. Only 20 people were pulled from the rubble. 6 were firefighters, 3 were Police Officers, 2 were Port Authority Officers, 1 was a paramedic, and 8 were civilians.


  • The 2 Port Authority officers who were rescued were: John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno.
  • The name of the terrorist who flew the plane into the north tower was Mohamed Atta.
  • 343 Firefighters were killed, 5 paramedics were killed, 37 Police officers were killed, and 23 Port Authorities Officers were killed.
  • 2,749 people were killed in all.

Many memorials have been made all over the country because of the emotional toll this event has taken on the population here.