The Island of Tears

Have you ever heard of Ellis Island? I will tell you everything you would like to know.


In 1782 Samuel Ellis, a land developer, bought the island. On January 1st, 1892, the little island was home to a new immigration station. A couple years later, the buildings burned down. In the 1900s, they built new fireproof bricks and stones. In 1907, its peak year, Ellis Island processed more than 1.2 million immigrants.

Why is Ellis Island Important?

Ellis Island is important because it’s the place where most American’s ancestors first set foot in the country and is one of the 1st places in America that people were able to go for screening to migrate. This was important for the people who wanted to migrate to different places in the world.

“The Island of Tears? “

Ellis Island is called the “Island of Tears” because when the immigrants were going to their inspections, some were separated from their families. I think that is sad.