Tsunami in Japan!

On March 11, 2011 a tsunami of great size hit Sendai, Japan.

  • Where do tsunamis come from?
  • Do they fall from trees?
  • Do these huge waves come out of the sky?

No they do not!

The Ring of fire is where the tsunami starts. The Ring of Fire is a zone along the edge of the  Pacific Ocean and has many earthquakes. The Ring of Fire is the site of thousands of earthquakes every year, and earthquakes cause the tsunamis.  Although  the Ring of Fire covers only one percent of the earth’s surface, 350 historically active volcanoes are in the zone.

The earthquake in Japan was one of the worst disasters in Japan .The earthquake was the strongest to hit Japan in 130 years. The earthquake had a magnitude of 9.0 in the Richter Scale. The earthquake struck local time, March 11,  2011.

The devasting tsunami triggered by the biggest earthquake in record has destroyed a huge area. Stunning t.v.  footage showed a muddy torent of water carrying cars  and wrecked homes up to 500km.  Home to 1 million people, a  big area near Sendai was flooded.

The earthquake and tsunami damaged or destroyed tens of thousands of buildings  and farmland. In the day following the tsunami and earthquake disaster, many governments and international organizations offered tons of  assistance to the Japanese government.

What is the United States doing to help?

Some ways the United States is helping Japan is some mighty us navy forces are delivering food ,supplies and hope. Besides that they are sending medical aid.

Colonial books of hope

Colonial school, a school in Pelham, New York,  made books of hope  for the children of Japan hoping it would help lift the spirits of the  people in Japan, and give them hope that their homeland will some day be restored.  It made me feel good to do something myself that might help.