Dolphins help the Navy find mines

Did you know that dolphins work in the military?

To train the dolphins, the navy uses a technique called targeting. Which is like a game of hide and seek.

How do they help?

How ,you say? Well, they go and find underwater mines. Then they mark the mines so the navy can find it. It is a very dangerous job, why it could  go off even if it’s not supposed to.

Why Dolphins?

Dolphins have exceptional sonar systems and can dive in really deep waters. Sea lions also help the navy find mines.

Dolphins are in danger!

Yes, dolphins are in danger. Why is it dangerous? Because the mines could go off even if it is just a dolphin and not a big


Some people feel that dolphins should not be used for military mine searching. They say it’s too dangerous for dolphins. The dolphins have no choice whether to participate or not.

Fun facts about dolphins:

  • Some dolphins can swim up to 55mph.
  • Dolphins are one of the smartest animals in the world.


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