The Lost City

Hidden Away

Far away hidden in Peru there is a wonderful site. 8,000 ft above sea level lies Machu Picchu. It is an ancient city built around the year of 1450 and was occupied for only about 100 years. The Incas built it a long time ago.

What is it ?

In the year of 1911 archeologist Hiram Bingham discovered the lands of Machu Picchu. He was the first in 100 years to take the first steps on the lands of Machu Picchu. He thought he found the lost city of Vilcabamba.

The way it is

Since it was not found for a long time it looks just like it did the year it was built. It is in great condition. The rocks were so expertly put together that not even the skinniest piece of paper on earth could fit between them. The amazing part is that they were put together without cement or mortar. That’s pretty cool.

Fun Facts:

  • Machu Picchu spreads over 5 square ft.
  • There are over 3,000 steps linking all the different levels.
  • It is located in the Andes mountains.
  • It has buildings, plazas, homes and storehouses connected by paths.
  • After the city was abandoned only a few Native Americans knew about it.
  • It took 3 years for Binham and his friends to clear away hundreds of years of vegetation.
  •  It has religious monuments, carved stone, a small tower and a cave.
  • It was built without cement or mortar.
  • Machu Picchu was so hidden away that not even the Spanish invaders could find it.