A sneak peek at the fifth-grade invention project; stay tuned for more

FIFTH-GRADE CLASSROOMS — The fifth graders are enjoying an invention project, working in groups and coming up with problems and solutions for them.

The students were broken up into groups of three and four. In social studies, they were asked to think of problems they’ve seen in the world. In science, they were introduced to the scientific method.

Parents will come see the kids’ inventions on Jan. 6. By then, the students will be finished with the models of their inventions. They will also think of a jingle for the advertising, an age-range for their product and other things needed to sell it.

At the fifth grade writing celebration, students not only shared their stories but also their invention project books. After they shared, they talked about how they were doing with their inventions.

This has been a sneak peak. Look for a sequel to this story after the invention project is done.