Animal hats are taking over heads all over Colonial School


EVERYWHERE — Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! You can find them in NYC, on Amazon, and on peoples’ heads at Colonial.

Yetis, monkeys, penguins, frogs, pandas, bears of all sorts, lions, tigers, giraffes, beavers, anything you can imagine. Even unicorns. And Spongebob. And Angry Birds too! These warm hats have different faces and different personalities.

“I really like my hats,” said Lucy Bischof from 5v. “I have a lamb and a Smurf. I like them because my church was doing a charity and people from Ecuador sewed them.”

Some of the special animal hats even come with a scarf and animal-print gloves built in. There are also just scarves with animal-print gloves.

Molly Bidwell, who is in 1c and has a monkey hat, said, “I like my hat because I really wanted one, and my sister got it for me for Christmas. It keeps me really warm.”

Robert Bischof from 3D has a Spongebob Squarepants hat. “I like my hat because it’s cozy,” he said.

“I like my hat because it’s a dog and I love them,” said Lauren Ulto of KH. “I got it for Christmas. I like it because it’s fuzzy.”

Will you join them, or not? To wear, or not to wear? It’s your desicion, but remember, they’re taking over the school.

What is your favorite animal hat?

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