Fourth graders go on wet journey to Maritime Aquarium


Harbor seals get fed.

NORWALK, CONN. — It was a rainy day on Jan. 12 when the Colonial fourth graders went to the Maritime Aquarium.

4C and 4M got to see all kinds of sea animals, including the turtle exhibit, all kinds of fish and learned about the adaptations of the moon jellyfish.

One of the tanks looked like a wrecked ship with fish that moved very, very slowly.

“We try to make their tank as best as we can so they feel like they’re at home, but this tank is also lazy,” said 4M’s tour guide.

The sharks were all different shapes and sizes. Most of them were sand tiger sharks, and they were the biggest sharks in the tank—nine feet long. A lemon shark had just come in that morning. The fourth graders learned many facts about the sharks.

Horseshoe crabs and lobsters were also there. There was even a blue lobster, which a lot of students had never seen.

Everyone loved the seal feeding. The harbor seals could do all kinds of tricks like wave their flippers and do a small jump. Ariel, Razel, Ellen, Tilly, Suzie, Polly and Orange were the names of the seals. Every time they did something good, they would get a fish as a reward. One of them weighed 200 pounds.

“We have a very close relationship with seals,” said a trainer.

The seals swam on their backs and also showed the fourth grade how seals recycle. First, the trainer threw a plastic bottle in the water. Then after a big bite, the seal swam to a box that the trainer held and recycled that bottle.