Guess who… has worked at Colonial 23 years… has a dog named Susie… roots for Giants and Yankees…

Read the clue…

Then, guess who.

Hopefully, you’ll all get the same

Answer to my little game!


The clues below describe someone in the Colonial community. Write in your guess for who it is in the comments box below the story. The first person to guess correctly will win a Colonial Times bookmark. So guess who…

  • Has been worked at Colonial for 23 years.
  • Has children who went to Colonial when they were in elementary school.
  • Has children who are  36 and 33.
  • Likes to knit clothes and toys for two twin boy grandchildren.
  • Has lived in Pelham all their life.
  • Roots for the Yankees and the Giants.
  • Likes to play golf and go to the beach.
  • Has a dog named Susie.

Don’t forget to put your guess in the box below. Good luck sleuthing!