Lin-sanity hits the school with a swish, and t-shirts come out


Colonial basketball players are some of Jeremy Lin’s newest fans.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Jeremy Lin joined the New York Knicks, and the school went crazy with Lin-sanity.

If you thought that the fans from Colonial would watch the games and root for their favorite player like normal fans, well, you were wrong. The fans from here took it to the next level. They made their own t-shirts saying: “Go Lin!!” “Go Knicks!!” and “Lin-sanity!!” Grey Allen even turned his Stoudemire jersey into a Lin jersey.

Lin, a 23-year-old from Harvard, proved he’s a good player and joined the Knicks. He probably knew he was going to get fans, but not as big as the fans from Colonial School. He came to the team early in the season, probably hoping to change the Knicks’ record and turn them into a winning team.

Colonial students all thought Lin would lead the Knicks to win and not to lose. They were wrong. The Knicks lost to the New Orleans Hornets on Feb. 17, leading some fans to doubt his Lin-sanity.

But the Knicks still look like they can have a good season and win a lot more games. At the rate that Lin, Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony score, the other teams won’t be able to keep up.

And if you thought the Colonial fans were big fans of Lin, you should see the owners of the Knicks. They pay him about $600,000.

I personally think Lin is going to lead the Knicks to victory. Go Lin!