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Fifth graders in their class t-shirts at the Spring Fling.

PELHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL — We’re covering the Spring Fling with live posts as the news happen. We’ll start a little after 7 pm tonight and go until the Fling ends at 9 pm. Keep refreshing your browser for our live coverage of everything that happens at Colonial’s big event. The latest post will be at the top of this story.

8:47– The jewelery sales women said, “It is going great. It seems like the moms like to have something for themselves.” Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy, Kindergarten teacher, said,”The jewelery was beautiful.I’m excited for my new pair of earrings!”
–Phoebe Rothschild, Staff Reporter

8:34 pm  — “I really liked the cake dance,” said Mrs. Tonya Wilson, Colonial principal. “And face painting. It looks like everyone is having a lot of fun.”
–Francesca Di Cristofano, News Editor

8:26 pm — We asked students which they like better, Pasta Night or the Spring Fling. Here’s what a few said:

  • Emmy Kelly: “Spring Fling because it only has desserts.”
  • Annika Jawanda: “Pasta Night because I get to eat pasta.”
  • Callie Leff: “Spring Fling because kids can do whatever they want from beginning to end.”

–Ava Knapp, Staff Reporter

8:18 — Quotes from kids:

  • Arden (5) said, “It feels like we own the place!”
  • Julia (4) said, “It’s really fun!”
  • Kate (K) said, “It feels happy!”

–Phoebe Rothschild, Staff Reporter

8:12 — When asked whether or not she liked the Spring Fling better than Pasta Night, Mrs. McCarthy said, “It kind of feels the same. I think the kids are having more fun.”
–Callie Leff, Staff Reporter

8:05 pm– A few things on the well-stocked dessert table are:

  • brownies
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • snickerdoodle cookies
  • rice crispies
  • ginger snaps
  • chocolate cookies

Mrs. Kelly’s answer to the question “What do you like about the dessert table?” was “I love sweets, so the more sweets in the world the better.”
–Ava Knapp, Staff Reporter

7:59 pm — When Mrs. Peggy O’leary, member of the Pelham school board, was asked whether she liked the Spring Fling better than Pasta Night, she said, “Yes I do. My favorite thing is that it is a beautiful spring night. I think the kids are definitely having more fun.”
— Callie Leff, Staff Reporter

7:49 pm — The raffle is so far a success. “Everyone is excited,” explained Kathy Ellis, a parent who is running the raffle. “Everything is great.”
–Emilia Privat, Staff Reporter