Year in review: Great memories at Colonial School


COLONIAL SCHOOL — The fifth graders are leaving Colonial to go to the middle school but will still cherish fond memories.

The Orchard Beach field trip in second grade was the trip mentioned the most, while meeting fifth grade buddies back in Kindergarten was also a big favorite.

Here are the memories from those who responded to our survey:

Hayley Bidwell (5Gold): “My favorite memory from Colonial was the trip to Ellis Island in fourth grade. I loved getting to explore the exhibits, the history of Ellis Island, and also my family’s history.”

Maddie Mullany (5V): “I have a lot of memories from my years at Colonial. But my favorite memory is playing at recess for the first time with my Kindergarten buddy.”

Ian Childs (5V): “When I got locked in the classroom in Kindergarten, and we were stuck in there for 15 minutes.”

Lucy Bischof (5V): “In fourth grade, at field trips, we would go to Central Park (if the trip was in the city). It was really fun.”

Grey Allen (5Gold): “Orchard Beach.”

Patrick Wertimer (5G): “My favorite memory of K-5 was in fourth grade, when we had our class pet Oreo. I got to take Oreo home, and Oreo was very cute.”

Katie Sharon (5Gold): “My first day of Kindergarten.”

Adie Howey (5Gold): “Going to the aquarium in second grade for a good time.”

Tess Darrow (5V): “My Colonial School memory is the first day of Kindergarten. I came in with a pink striped dress. I met my teacher, and she was super nice to me. I also met a lot of friends I still have today.”

Francesca Di Cristofano (5G): “My memory is my first day of third grade and of Colonial. It was scary but eventually great.”

Arden Neu (5G): “When I was introduced to my fifth grade buddy. I also had one very good friend. Her name was Lindsay. I met her when I moved to Pelham two weeks earlier. I think this memory really introduced me to Colonial and made me love all of it up to fifth grade.”

Katie Hart (5G): “The aquarium trip in second grade.”

Jon Girolamo (5V): “My favorite Colonial memory was the endangered species project. It was a great experience, and it gave us a great chance to be creative and learn at the same time.”

Bayden White (5G): “Working in school with all these great teachers and making new friends and having fun.”

Manon Bushong (5V): “Finding out I was getting the same teacher two years in a row (Mrs. Lombardi).”

Jack Barrett (5V): “I think it was everything—the experience—and Mr. Ventura.”

Scarlett Reavey (5G): “Last year when we did a Native American project.”

William Campisano (5Gold): “The first day of fifth grade.”

Elizabeth Kleiner (5Gold): “The Jacob Burns field trip. I got very excited.”

Jenna Letizia (5V): “When we went to Orchard Beach in second grade. We had a lot of fun.”

Claudia Dodge (5Gold): “In second grade, when we found out that Mrs. Albano was not leaving. Our class was very happy.”

Reed O’Brien (5Gold): “I liked hanging out with my Kindergarten buddy.”

Peter Fontanella (5G): “The first day of Kindergarten. I was really excited.”

Emma Lauria (5G): “When we went to the aquarium.”

Maggie Solimine (5G): “When I met Caro (Carolina Juana) in third grade.”

Ben Glickman (5V): “When we went to Orchard Beach. It was fun.”

Daniel Bernstein (5G): “The ‘Top Chef’ project.”

Spencer O’Brien (5G): “Going on all of those field trips.”

Julien Evans (5Gold): “My best memory was on the first day of Kindergarten.”

Helena White (5V): “Meeting my fifth grade buddy and knowing they would help me make friends.”

Ryan Gregware (5G): “My favorite memory was Saint Paul’s Church.”

Luca Rivera (5G): “My first day of Kindergarten.”

Grant Ulto (5G): “My favorite memory was going to Orchard Beach.”

Rafael Da Cruz (5G): “Mrs. Gashi’s questionnaire. I learned a lot more about my teacher.”

Samuel Cork (5V): “When me, Patrick and Ian got locked in Mrs. Hintzen’s Kindergarten class.”

Patrick Zahradnik (5V): “Playing tunnel tag in P.E.”

Maxwell Schwartz (5Gold): “My favorite memory is coming to Colonial School in first grade.”

Carolina Juana (5Gold): “In third grade, we did that African dance.”

Julia Weyndling (5Gold): “When my second grade teacher Mrs. Scaffe told us she was pregnant. I remember that she told us right after we got our pictures taken for picture day. I’ll remember that day forever.”

Sidney Skop (5V): “Getting my fifth grade buddy.”

Kristina Roksvold (5Gold): “In second grade, when we went to the beach. It was fun.”

Siobhan Joyce-Farley (5V): “The cupcake on the first day of fifth grade, which was yummy. And Mr. Ventura—he’s just so awesome.”

Alexandra Broege (5G): “When we went to Carnegie Hall. We got to play the recorder with them.”

Julia Loughman (5G): “When we went to Ellis Island.”

Blaize Ramsay (5V): “When we first went to the field for recess.”

Peyton Rees (5G): “When we went to Orchard Beach. It was really fun, and we got to see wildlife, and it was funny with the sticky mud and people got their shoes stuck.”

Sam Rodd (5G): “Any time I made a ‘Twilight Zone’ joke.”

Richard Che (5Gold): “My memory is about the field trip to Ellis Island. It was a lasting experience (which is why I remember it).”

Dylan Gurl (5Gold): “The fifth grade invention project.”

Lindsay McNamara (5Gold): “The ‘Top Chef’ project”

Daniella Cherner (5V): “My favorite memory was when I was in Kindergarten on the 100th day of school. I had made an enormous cookie as part of my project, and everyone was shouting, ‘All hail Daniella!’”

Also contributing to this story were Daniel Bernstein, Sam Rodd, Kristina Roksvold, Lindsay McNamara, Peyton Rees, Alexandra Broege, Henry Driesen and Manon Bushong.

(This story was originally published in the printed year-in-review edition of the Colonial Times.)