Hamsters can…

Feeding your hamster

Hamsters can eat apples, bananas, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, zucchini, cucumbers, dandelions [leaves and flower], grapes, oranges, peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, strawberries, celery. Also at pet stores you can buy a mix with different little foods for your hamster and he or she will eat it!

Knowing your hamster’s body language

If your hamster burrows through its clean fluff, your hamster is hoping to find a treat. If your hamster grooms itself, he or she is thinking a nice little scratch would be good. Ears forward cheek pouches puffed up means your hamster is scared .If your hamster is startled when you approach your hamster doesn’t feel safe.

The right cage for your hamster

If you want your hamster to exercise a lot then you should get a plastic cage. At the pet store you can buy tubes, so your hamster can explore. You attach them to little holes then your hamster can go high or low but still be in its cage. A bird cage can actually work! All you need to do is put water, food, fluff and a wheel in the cage. You can also use a fish tank! Just add the same stuff but if you don’t use fluff you could use paper krinkles or recycled newspaper. For any cage you use don’t forget to hamster it up.

Personal Experience

Nibbles is mine (or pretty much my sister’s) hamster. Hamsters can be sort of big when they aren’t even one yet like Nibbles. Nibbles is a Russian dwarf hamster.  Don’t be rough with hamsters I’ll tell you why. One day my sister took Nibbles out she put him on the table. Nibbles started limping so we wondered is he hurt? He was he had a dislocated hip. Nibbles had to take pain medicine.  He hated it! His leg cured after five weeks. Nibbles couldn’t play or be taken out, we all felt so bad for him. One day I snuck him out and…HIS LEG WAS BETTER! Our whole family was so happy.

Fun Facts

  • Hamsters explore with their noses and eyes!
  • Hamsters enjoy rolling in sand!
  • The pearl white winter hamster stays white all year!
  • Hamsters get along better when they are younger!
  • Hamsters can be show hamsters!

Hope you enjoyed my non fiction story.

Resources: “the hamster handbook” by Patricia Barlett.