Do you know what word always makes me laugh and smile every time I hear it, Hippos!! Let’s go on a ride and learn more about amazing sort of fat hippopotamuses.

How hippos fight

Hippos start out by trying to scare the other hippo away by seeing who can open their mouth bigger. And then if none of the hippos get scared away, they fight. A lot of times when hippos fight they are fighting for women.

Size of hippos

Hippos are the second largest land mammal in the world! Hippos weigh about 5,000 to 8,000 lbs! Head and body are 9.5 to 4 ft! The tail is 13.75 to 19.75 inches! Its size is related to a 6 foot man

Where hippos live

Hippos are found in Africa.  Hippo’s usual habitat is in the water they spend 16 hours of the day in water. That is why the Greek call it a “river horse.”  Hippos spend their time in water also to keep cool from the hot African sun.

What Hippos Eat

Hippos are herbivores.

This means that they only eat plants. Hippos eat grass, Hippos usually eat in the afternoon when they are not in water. They eat when they are traveling.

How fast hippos are

Hippos can reach the speed of a human even though they are big.  You would assume they are slow; they are very fast. They can run at 19 miles per hour.  Another interesting fact is that Hippos actually lose 500 to 800 pounds every night.

Did you Know?

  • Hippos can hold their breath for 5 minutes
  • Hippos have 4 toes
  • Hippos have killed the most amount of tourists in Africa