The big scoop: taste of the wonderful world of ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Are you an ice cream lover? If so, this article is for you!

History:  One of the most famous ice cream companies is Ben & Jerry’s.  So how did they start out?  They started out by renovating an old gas station near a local college in Burlington, Vermont.  Jerry made the ice cream, and Ben was the taster.

(Fun fact: Ben & Jerry’s first intention was to make a bagel factory but the equipment was too expensive, so they decided on ice cream, instead.)

After a year of business, they decided to mark their anniversary day (May 5th) by having a free ice cream day and projecting movies on the side of the store. In 1980, they rented space in an old spool and bobbin mill in Burlington, Vermont and started packing their ice cream in pints.  Soon after, Ben & Jerry’s opened their first ice cream franchise.   In 1983, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was used to make the world’s biggest ice cream sundae, which weighed 27,102 pounds!

Soon, Ben & Jerry’s started moving out of Vermont.  They started opening scoop shops in other parts of New England.  However, when they tried to move to Boston, Haagen Dasz sued them so they would not sell more ice cream than them.  Ben & Jerry invented the “Cowmobile” a van/home that they would use to deliver ice cream.  However, this van burned to the ground a few months later, and Ben said it looked like “A giant baked Alaska.”

Ben & Jerry invented Cherry Garcia ice cream, currently the number one flavor, and named after the guitarist Jerry Garcia.  In 1988, they came up with Chunky Monkey, and in 1989, Rainforest Crunch, which is now retired. Soon after, they came up with Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and continued to this day making ice cream flavors.

Giving Back:   Ben and Jerry started the 1% for Peace organization, which used one percent of their profits to help make the world a more peaceful place. Also, one of their flavors, Rainforest Crunch, helps to preserve rainforests around the world.  They started the Ben & Jerry foundation, which funds community projects and they continue to give back to this day.