Is plastic destroying the earth and hurting animal species?

Did you know that approximately 2.7 million tons of plastic is wasted every day?  This plastic that is wasted can harm animal’s habitats.  The animals that survive in the ocean are harmed by people trashing their home.  How would you feel if people were trashing your home with plastic?  According to the movie Bag It, animals eat the plastic in the ocean that we throw in or littered. The animals get symptoms. Some symptoms that animals get from eating the plastic in the ocean are the animals can’t see, can’t hear, can’t smell and more.  Animals that eat plastic can get seriously sick. The animals start to die out and that could cause extinction for the animal’s species.

Plastic is everywhere

Now in these days people use plastic for everything. For example, people use plastic when they go to the store and buy pretzels or cookies.  You don’t realize it but when you buy pretzels, cookies or any other goodies at the store they are usually put into a plastic container.

My Personal Experience

I think that plastic is harming animal’s habitats and destroying the earth.  There is so much extinction all because of people polluting the ocean and animals eating the plastic.  I started helping with this whole plastic thing after I watched the movie Bag It.  I thought that the movie Bag It was a very interesting movie.  Bag It taught me the ups and downs about plastic and how I should help.

I also thought that people can get seriously sick when they eat fish or any other product from the ocean.  People can get sick because the fish ate the plastic in the ocean and we are eating the fish.  When we eat the fish, we eat the plastic in the fish’s bodies.  The plastic that people are trashing everywhere has a lot of chemicals and the fish are eating the chemicals, we are too because we eat the fish.  The chemicals that are in plastic can cause serious risks to human’s health and the environment from its widespread use.

What You Can Do To Help

If you want to help animals survive you can either get less plastic at the store or pick up plastic on the street while putting it in the recycling bins.  In my opinion I think that if everybody helps we (our earth) can stop letting plastic endanger animal’s species and destroy the earth.  If you want to help even more you can start a business like Dave Feinberg. Dave Feinberg invented a business called green bag lunch in April, 2007.  Dave Feinberg said that he started this business because he wanted to work on something that he believed was important, and children’s nutrients is important.  Dave Feinberg also enjoyed the food business and thought that he could invent a business that could be very successful.  This business that Dave Feinberg invented saved animal species by not trashing plastic in the ocean, buy making green bag lunches.  The business was very successful and the business sold 50,000 green bag lunches.

I hope you help the earth.

Fact Box

An average 323 plastic bags are taken into our homes every year and it takes 500 years to decay when sent to landfill.