Rise to the fall

Have you ever wondered about those swirling sands of Egypt? If so grab your genie lamps and flying carpets, and read on.

Most people don’t really think about the place named Egypt, they only think of the pyramids. They don’t think of its wonderful history or power.


In the Egyptian religion there are so many gods. I will name some of the thousands of gods and tell what they are the gods of. First there is Anum the god of the gods. Then Anum-Ra Anum’s soul mixed with Ra the sun god’s soul. Ra the sun god. Anubis the god of funerals and death. Bes is the god of dwarfs and ugliness. Tarwaret the goddess of pregnant woman. Bast is the goddess of cats. Apophis the god of chaos and destruction. Horus the god of war and the pharos. Isis the goddess incantations, and Shu the god of air.


The Egyptian kingdom started in 3,100 B.C. It wasn’t very much then. It was enough so it would reign for 4,000 years as the most powerful kingdom ever.

In the year 7,100 it was destroyed by the Greek and sadly lost. It would have gone much longer if it hadn’t lost to the Greek.


The common way they cooked in Ancient Egypt was in clay fire pits. The common meal for non-rich people or not the pharaoh would usually eat bread, drink wine made from barley and for desert they would have mostly water foul or any other game that they caught. For the rich or the pharaoh they would get a meal a little like ours. For their main course they would have meat bread spices or sauces and lastly wine made from barley. For their desert they would have things made from mustard.

Now that you have learned about Egypt, maybe you can plan a visit soon. I would love to visit and experience this wonderful country.

Fun Facts:

  • Did you know that the sphinx is really Cleopatra’s tomb?
  • Did you know that Egyptian paper is made out of dried papyrus?