Apple Inc.: Are Apples more than just a healthy fruit?

Do you prefer high tech things? If so have you ever heard of Apple?  Apple sells all kinds of things. The first thing Apple ever sold was Apple Computers. Then they upgraded their computers for about 20 years or so. After that they thought of iPads but they decided to make an iPhone first after they made 3 generations of 3-G after the 3-G got into high gear they released the iPad 1. It didn’t have a camera and it was kind of heavy compared to the iPads today but still people were amazed how the world was right at their finger tips and it was portable!! In the future they came out with 2 more iPads then an iPad mini!

History of Apple

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozaniak are the real founders of Apple.  Steve Jobs is probably more widely known because of his recent death summing up his life with the words “wow oh wow oh wow.” In 1979 the first apple computer was created. We call this computer Apple I.  When Apple came out with the Apple II including colored graphics and was the first computer to come already built.  In 1979 Mr. Jobs began working on the Macintosh (get it?) for the next five years Apple went through some hard times. The Mac costs about 1000 dollars more than most other computers on the market. And lots of people started thinking that the DOS PC was better so the demand of Apple dropped dramatically. Another big problem was the printers didn’t print exactly what was on the screen but in 1994 their luck changed and Apple introduced the power Mac which was the first computer to include a power PC chip. But their luck didn’t last long in 1995 instead of not having enough demand they had too much! They didn’t have enough correct materials to build computers. But in the end they ended up one of the most popular computer companies in the United States!  And they’re still popular today.

How much do people use iPads…? Are they good for young Children??

Most people use iPads 2-5 hours a day and they are using it for lots of reasons. Here are some of the most popular checking email, finding a recipe, reading, playing games, and entertaining small children. For example my brother will sit there for hours watching something or playing a game but is it good for him? Most likely no, once in a while he should definitely use it to have fun and  make sure he’s wired in. But every day might affect his brain. If he uses it every day he might get in the habit of not talking or just never going outside or he might not learn how to read or do math because he is always on the iPad. Okay so now that I’ve told you that you probably want to hear the good things about iPads so here goes:  iPads also have educational apps and they have books on them. They also have talking apps for children with disabilities and last but not least they have a camera to capture parent’s precious moments.

My opinions

My one and only opinion is that everybody has their own use, rule, and opinions about the history, the iPads and what children should be using them for…





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