A Journey to France

Have you ever been to France?  France is a beautiful country.  Imagine rolling hills as far as the eye can see, or a gorgeous, light blue sea.  Got it?  Now you’re getting an idea of just how beautiful it is.  Want to learn more about this interesting country?  If so, read on.

The French Revolution

Not only is it great in appearance, but France is also a very interesting country.  Have you ever seen the movie or play Les Miserables?  That is based on the French revolution, a time from 1789-1799 where France underwent epic transformation, and many were left poor.  That is some information about the French revolution.

Sight seeing in France

There are so many sights to see in France.  Paris, France is a big place for sightseeing.  The Eiffel tower, Notre’ Dame- all in Paris.  Some other sights are Le Mount Saint Michel, in Normandy, France, and Avignon in Pont St- Beneze, France.  Now you know where to go for your next remarkable trip to France!!

The City of Love!

You may have been to France, but I have you been to Paris?  Nicknamed “The City of Love”, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world! Paris had over 30 million visitors in 2002, and the numbers have only risen since then! Wow!

Fun facts:

  • 9 people out of 13 have not been to France.
  • Lots of people go to France; Over 70 million people
  • Bordeaux is the wine capital of France

Well, I hope you learned about France today.  Next time you go to France, you should recall this information.  Thanks for reading, or in French, merci pour la lecture.


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