Do you think boys and girls should compete against each other in sports?

Do you think that boys and girls should compete against each other in sports? Well, I do! I have taken polls and most people say yes, but my opinion might be different than yours.

My Opinion

Long ago girls and boys played sports together competitively. Now, people think that the boys will be too rough on the girls or a girl would be too rough on a boy. I think that if any of this ever happens they should get a penalty or be disqualified.

Poll in 4-M

Most people think that girls and boys should compete against each other in sports but some do not. I made a poll with the class of 4-M and twelve people said yes, nine no.


Boys playing against girls in sports are working out slowly, but its happening.

Caroline Pla who’s eleven loved football at a young age. She always wanted to play but rules always said that only boys could play football. Caroline begged and begged for a spot on any football team and she finally got a spot on the catholic youth organization for one season because she was a girl, but since she is an outstanding football player they let her play more. I hope over time boys and girls start to compete against each other in sports or a least be on the same team professionally. If you want to find out more about Caroline Pla go on this website Girl wins fight to play youth football –


I hope one day that girls and boys will get to play competitively against each other. Although it is already happening in some places.


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