Online School

Have you ever wished you could stay home from school every day but still be educated? With Cyber School you can! But before you rush to your computer, there a few things you may want know.


Online school first came as the concept of “distance learning” in the mid-19th century when the U S postal service was developed. People writing letters back and forth lead to ‘correspondence colleges’ which is when teacher and student writes letters containing work and instructions. Now we have converted that to modern day technology and we have online school.

So that is the history of Cyber-school.


Though it may seem perfectly safe you are still on the www (world wide web) and there are some cons there. Hacking is one of the main problems. The definition of hacking is getting info from another’s computer. Here are some ways to prevent hacking, this may sound complicated but really they are easy. Sal Lifrieri a counter terrorist said, “Don’t make your password something easy like the word password”, and never ever give it out. Mr. Lifrieri also said,” if you are asked to change your password, don’t, unless you verify where the info is coming from and it is safe. Staying safe in Cyber School or just out on the www is really important so have fun but stay safe.

So should we or not?

Now that you know that cyber school can be good and bad.  So many kids in America join Cyber School each year.  Would you go or not?


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