Pounds, Pounds a Place for the Hounds

Ever wonder what really goes on in a pound?   Well after you read this article you won’t want to go to a pound. You’ll also think twice about bringing a dog to the pound.

Living in a pound

In most shelters the dogs live in metal sheds which have no comfy bedding and have cement floors. The pound workers clean the dog houses with the dogs in them, so the dogs get splashed in the face a lot.  The floors stay wet for hours before they dry, and the poor dogs have no choice but to lay there on the wet ground.

If the impounded dogs are lucky they are just fed dry kibble which is often thrown on the ground. But also dogs can go hungry for days and the mean workers don’t care.

If at any time a dog shows any signs of aggression or fear to any staff member or the staff takes a dislike to this particular dog, they will then tag that dog as “Aggressive: not for sale” so these dogs have no chance of getting out alive.

Where did the Dogs Go?

KILLED, only the very few lucky ones get out alive, the majority is either killed by poison injection, or sent to the universities for unnecessary, mean and cruel experiments.

Often, if a pound is full, they’ll take in dogs and kill them immediately so the dogs don’t get any time to live and have no chance of getting out alive. Many dogs are killed at a pound in the morning.  The workers take the dogs to a place where the public can not see and one by one the dogs are killed! (I know sad)

My Opinion

I think this whole society needs a huge wake up call. Dogs are getting killed right when they get to the pound.  What if humans were wandering around the street and someone just came and brought them to the pound and killed that human.  Well it’s the same thing with dogs; nothing is going to change at pounds if humans don’t try to do something. Do you care about dogs?    Try to make a difference and save a dog’s life.

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