The Titanic: Over a hundred years later

Imagine you were on the hugest ship in the world having the time of your life. Suddenly the ship gives a huge lurch and stops. An hour or two later you look back at the ship from your lifeboat. It’s halfway under water! All of a sudden one of the ship’s funnels falls over, crushing many people. Not long after the ship splits in two and one half sinks, dragging a lot more people down with it. The remaining half sticks straight up in the water and starts going under, causing e giant whirlpool. Where are you? The RMS Titanic.

At The Bottom Of The Sea

Over a hundred years ago, on April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank. The cause? An iceberg. Over 1,000 people died because of that iceberg. The Titanic only had 20 life boats that left only half full. Only 1 of those life boats went back.

Out of the original 2,224, only 710 survived. There were many rich people on the Titanic as well as many steerage members and over 700 crew members. The Titanic also had a huge cargo including 15,000 bottles of beer, 75,000 pounds of meat, 5 grand pianos, a marmalade machine and 12 cases of ostrich feathers.

Looking back

Now when someone says the word “Titanic” people think of a ship that crashed into an iceberg. The Titanic was more than that. It was one of the most tragic deaths in the history of tragic deaths. It carried riches and letters and items that were incredibly important to its passengers. Most of the Titanic’s cargo is either ruined or still sitting at the bottom of the sea. The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. No one who boarded expected to lose their lives.

My Opinion

The Titanic sinking was extremely sad. People blame it on the captain, but it’s not his fault. He attempted to turn the ship, but a ship as big as that can’t be turned in such a short amount of time. I blame the amount of deaths on the people who didn’t turn the lifeboats back to help and the person on the transmitter on the Californian for going to bed early, which kept him from seeing the Titanic’s SOS and CQD signals. I also think The Titanic was a great movie. If all 20 lifeboats went back, how many more people do you think would have survived?


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