Top experiences for fifth graders include Challenger Center and Invention Convention (year-end print edition)

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — The 2014 school year is over. The fifth graders—or the high school class of 2021—had many fun experiences during their last year at Colonial.

“The year was definitely fun,” said Jack Murphy (5V). “It was my best year yet, and I really liked the field trips.”

Fifth graders were surveyed to find out which trip or project was the most fun to do this year. The choices were:

  • Jazz at Lincoln Center
  • Challenger Space Center
  • Invention Convention
  • Saint Paul’s Church
  • Ring Homestead

The results from the voting were:

  • Challenger Space Center: 32
  • Invention Convention: 9
  • Ring Homestead: 9
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center: 1
  • St. Paul’s Church: 1

The Challenger Center visit received the most votes. And the Jazz at Lincoln Center and St. Paul’s Church trips got the least.

Marco Gracie (5S) said the Challenger Center “was very interactive. I really felt like I was in a command center and a spaceship.”

Jacob Hartmere (5S) picked the Invention Convention because “I just had fun working with my group. It really tested my skills.”

Mika Korvyakov (5H) also voted for the visit to the Challenger Center in Rockland County because “we actually got to do something.”

Eliza Bratone (5S) went for the Ring Homestead team-building trip “because I liked the zip-line.”

The Challenger Center received the most votes by a landslide and so was voted the best experience for the fifth graders.