Playground or Prison?

Colonial School – Students like playgrounds. But not many people like Colonial’s playground. Instead of grass, there are rocks and there is no shade. Mr. Bankwit says grass is too much work! Also the rules are ridiculous! Martha doesn’t let us take off our jackets unless we have long sleeves! What if it is 99 degrees out and… O.K. Maybe I’m going too far just a little. BUT SHE NEVER LET’S US TAKE OUR COATS OFF!!! ???!!! Many students want grass and more space.

“I think the rules are totally obnoxious because, the playground is TOO small! And Martha never lets us take our coats off!” said Claudia H(4V).

“The rules are really stupid and useless.” Said Samantha  G. (4K)

“Martha says that the rules for four year old kids apply to us!” said Luke R (4G)

First prison yard. What next?