Visit to Costa Rica: crocodiles, ziplining, black-sand beach and a waterfall

COSTA RICA —  Many things are different here than in the United States. The language is Spanish and the currency is the colon.

I went on a river tour one day and saw wild crocodiles swimming around our boat. One crocodile was on the shore and it opened its mouth to show all its teeth. We also saw howler and capuchin monkeys. The howler and capuchin monkeys fight a lot, which is sad, but the tour guide told us the capuchin monkeys always win because they are much, much smarter.

One day, we went ziplining high in the air going super fast. When ziplining, we had on gloves with a leather strap in the middle. Our strongest hand was on the zipline, and the leather strap makes sure we don’t get a rope burn. To brake at the end, you pull down on the cord. Ziplining was fun, but before I got used to it, it was a little scary. After the third zipline run, I thought it was awesome.

There were suspension bridges, too.  A suspension bridge is a bridge high above the ground, with coils holding it up. It was sort of like in the movies when you walk along a bridge across a chasm, except this bridge was a lot stronger, and we had equipment on.

We went to a black-sand beach and a waterfall. The waterfall was over 80 feet high, and we could swim right underneath. Tiny fish were in the water, and they all swam away from the waterfall. When I was under the falling water, it felt like heavy rain coming down. It was a lot of fun.

The beach’s sand was black because we were near a volcano. Since the sun was strong, sometimes the sand was super hot, and it would burn your feet.

I also swam in the pool and relaxed and had a lot of fun. Our trip to Costa Rica was really great.