Beloved chocolatier Michele Ferrero, who created Kinder Eggs, dies at 89

Some candies are sweet and some sour, similar to this story about the loss of the beloved Michele Ferrero. Mr. Ferrero died at age 89 on no better day for a chocolatier than Valentine’s Day. The loss brought tears to many eyes around the world.

Kinder Eggs, one of the chocolate-maker’s delicacies, used to be banned in the U.S., but a certain kind are now allowed.

“I think that it (was) unfair because Kinder are very good, and they come with a special toy that little kids like to play with,” said Aidan Murphy (4Ge).

“I like Nutella because it’s chocolaty with a little bit of nut,” said Adina Sasson (4Ge).

“Nutella because I LOVE chocolate,” said Grace Colkin (4Ge).

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