The Great Gorilla of Cincinnati zoo

Cincinnati- It all started at the Cincinnati Zoo. On Saturday, May 28, 2016 the zoo staff had to think quickly because a gorilla that was over 420 pounds could have very severely hurt a four year old boy that got into the gorillas enclosure. They ended up having to shoot the very large, male gorilla. This is what happened.

Mike McPhate wrote a bit about this event. This is what he said,”It seemed like quick thinking when the Cincinnati Zoo shot to death a gorilla man-handling a small boy who had fallen into its inclosure.” The parents stopped watching their son for a few minutes and then BAM! He was in the gorillas habitat. His parents say, “We are so thankful to the lord that our child is safe. We extend our heart felt thanks for the quick action by the Cincinnati zoo staff.” The boy’s mother is not in peace, though. On Twitter, Facebook, and other websites, thousands of people have expressed their strong opinion on her failure to keep her child out of trouble. By late Monday, an online petition had started. More than 180,000 people thought that it was the mother’s fault. People think Harambe (the gorilla) was an innocent creature and did not deserve to die. The gorilla did weigh over 420 pounds and was stronger than 10 men. Let’s hear what other people thought about the situation.

Lian S in 4K thinks that it’s the zoo’s fault because the zoo should have cages for the animals that you can’t get through.

Hannah K in 1C thinks that it’s a terrible idea to kill the gorilla because that type of gorilla is terribly endangered.

Laura S in 4G says that the zoo had no choice because the gorilla had no idea he could possibly hurt the boy.

This story was tragic and sad. We hope you learned a lot from our article though. Remember, there’s always another side to the story. What did you think about the situation?