Colonial School students react to impeachment: Excitement to not knowing what it is to support

On Sept. 24, the Democrats in the U.S House of Representatives announced they would start an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Reactions from Colonial School students to the events since range from excitement to not knowing what it is to support.

“I don’t know what impeachment is,” said Cole DeDomenico (5S). “But the word impeachment makes me think about peaches. So I think Trump will get impeached because he likes peaches and he looks like a peach.”

A lot of other kids didn’t know what impeachment is. If a president is impeached by the House of Representatives, the Senate must hold a trial to decide if the president should be kicked out of office. 

“I think the impeachment of the United States of America is very exciting,” Katherine Howells (5S) said. “I think that Trump did something bad and he needs to get what he  deserves. Therefore, he should not run for president in 2020. Also, I believe that he should be kicked out.”

“The impeachment is something when you have too much power,” said Will Mingey (3M). And, in a way, Will is correct.

“People hate Trump and disagree with his ideas,” said Harrison Anderson (5P). “Thus, people want to kick him out.”

“I don’t know what the impeachment is,” Reen Dolan (4M) said. “But I think that they are trying to make him move from the spot of the president. I think they should do this because they are already too far into it to go back.”