Colonial student government produces weekly program ‘Paws Today’

By Finley Bethea, Staff Reporter

June 7, 2020

THE INTERNET — The Colonial Student Government is keeping peers updated with "Paws Today." "Paws Today" is a mini-movie that reports on the weather and gives jokes, science experiments and recipes. "I like that the whol...

‘Klaus:’ A lazy mailman must learn to work in Netflix film

By Brayden Clark, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2020

"Klaus" is a movie about a mailman who has the life of luxury. His dad owns the mail company and thinks he is lazy. Dad wants to stop paying the bills for Klaus so he sends him to Smeerenburg. Smeerenburg is a bad town because...

Sonic the Hedgehog coming to theaters in live action Feb. 14

By Adam Lee, A&E Editor

February 2, 2020

The world-famous video game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog is about to become a live-action movie. The movie was first announced on March 24, 2019 and is set to be released on Feb. 14. "It looks amazing right now, and it also...