2017-2018 Staff

Lila Berkery

Staff Reporter

Lila Berkery is nine years old, and she is in fourth grade. She loves playing lacrosse, playing with her friends and especially writing stories. She is always so excited to learn about new things, and she loves writing new stories so other people can learn about new things too! Lila loves animals, especially huskies. She enjoys spending time and having fun with huskies. She really enjoys going on...

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Plum Durham

Staff Reporter

Plum Durham spends most of her time playing sports. Her favorite sport is lacrosse. Every Friday, she waits for the lunch bell to ring so she can find some interesting stories and write about them. Her favorite parts of the week is when she gets to write, go to newspaper, play clarinet and when she gets to see her friends. In the spring and fall, every Saturday she goes to her travel soccer game,...

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Sabine Bushong

Staff Reporter

HI!! I'm a fourth grader who does SOOP, basketball, choir, newspaper and dance, and I love to hang with all my friends like Lark, Laura, and Jada! I was born in 2007, and I LOVE ICE CREAM, (cookie doe) and I love cucumbers and carrots. I am the youngest of three kids in a family of five. I was born in a  hospital in New York and love NYC's pretzels (with spicy mustard), falafel, bubble tea and...

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Waverly Nanda

Staff Reporter

Waverly Nanda spends most of her time playing sports. She is on her school basketball team, town travel soccer team and town travel lacrosse team. She enjoys reading, writing and playing with her friends. She also likes to go to school with all her friends.

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Elio PIetranico

News Editor

I am Elio Pietranico, and I have just moved to Pelham. I used to live in San Diego, California. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and cycling. I play the viola and plan on playing the guitar too.

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Lark Martin

Staff Reporter

Lark Martin is a Colonial Times staff reporter. She loves to write comics. Also, she rides horses, plays tennis and volleyball. She was born in San Antonio Texas. She moved to Pelham in 2014. Lark is fun, loving and loyal to her friends and family. She is an amazing reporter.

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Julia Findikyan

Staff Reporter

I love soccer, baking, bike riding, acting, singing, dancing, and I especially love my friends and family. I have a twin sister named Kira, an older brother named James and a nanny named Saida.

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Kira Findikyan

Staff Reporter

Kira is nine years old and enjoys reading, writing, dancing, singing, acting, bike riding, playing soccer, playing basketball. She loves fashion. Kira has an older brother and a  twin sister. Her favorite color is pink.

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Claire Van Praagh

Staff Repoter

Claire loves to act, sing, bake, gymnastics, soccer and writing for the Colonial school newspaper.

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Brewer Anderson

Staff Reporter

Brewer Anderson is an athletic and interesting 10-year-old boy. He is in class 4G and loves to play sports such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball and chess. He has hobbies of cooking and has a ginormous love for the Green Bay Packers. Brewer was born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Pelham in 2015. Brewer is in student government and looks to improve Colonial as much as he can.

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Charlotte Seligman

Staff Reporter

I love to act, sing, dance and bake. I love being on the Colonial news paper. I have a cat named Cha-Cha, a dog named Stanley and a sister named Lola.

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LIam Ginsburg

Staff Reporter

Hello! My name is Liam. I live in Pelham with my mom, dad, Conor (little brother) and Cathleen (little sister). I love to play soccer, to read. I have lots of nice friends, and I like school. My mom is a writer, and when she introduced me to writing, I loved it. That's  why I joined the newspaper at Colonial. My dad is equally awesome. He plays video games with me, supports me with all my sports,...

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Skyler Austin

Staff Reporter

Once upon a time,  I was born in N.Y. City. I moved to Pelham when I was about five. I love soccer and theater. I also have two brothers, and my favorite color is light blue

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