2017-2018 Staff

Aidan Sinha

Sports Editor

Hi my name is Aidan Sinha. I am 10 years old in 5th grade and I have a brother who is 5 years old and he is in kindergarten. My favorite food is sushi and my favorite show is "Stranger Things." I have a cat named snoop. My favorite sport is basketball but it usually changes. I play soccer on a travel team and my position is goalie. I also play baseball and sometimes (rarely) golf. Those are some things...

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Syrus Preftakes

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Syrus, and I like writing for the Colonial School newspaper. My favorite sport is football, and I like to draw. My favorite food is chicken. I love to play video games. My favorite subject is science.

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Vijay Ranganathan

Staff Reporter

Vijay Ranganathan is a 10-year-old boy who has lots of likes. Some are soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, newspaper and other non-important activities. He has one 5-year-old sister named Giovanna. He also has a mom named Caterina and a dad named Kris. Also he has someone who helps him with sports (mostly basketball). His favorite activity is P.E and his second is music and chorus. His favorite...

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Julian Henderson

Staff Reporter

My name is Julian Henderson. I have a brother named Luca and a sister named Giya. My favorite food is pizza. I am in second grade now. I've been studying about China. We have rediscovered that Beijing is in China. I also discovered that the capital of China is Beijing. I like life because it's nice.

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Naveen Leon-Kelly

Staff Reporter

Hi, I'm Naveen. I have three pets, two cats and a dog I love. I play softball.

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Kate Kapplow

A&E editor

My name is Kate Kapplow. I am 10. I am in 5th  grade I have a brother who is 8 and a sister who is two. I have three fish. I love pink and blue. My favorite food is pasta. Also, I love soccer, swimming and skying. My favorite TV show is "Some Assembly Required." I love Crunch and Kit Kat. My favorite book is "Sisters" and "Roller Girl."

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Ella Klossner

Staff Reporter

My name is Ella, and I love soccer. I am on the Gazelles with Alex. I love my family and friends. I have a younger brother Jake. I have two crazy dogs name Lucky and Scooby. My favorite colors are white, blue and yellow because I love Pelham and that's its colors. My favorite food is RIBS!! My favorite desert is anything that involves sugar .  

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Anne Perreten

Staff Reporter

Anne Perreten lives in Pelham, New York. She is 10 years old. Her favorite sports are ice hockey, lacrosse and gymnastics. Her favorite restaurants are Cantina Lobos, Panera Bread, BLD Diner and La Fontenella. Her hobbies are doing art, singing, playing with slime, going on ropes courses, playing with her friends and newspaper. Her favorite subject in school is either writing or science. Okay, lets...

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Olivia Hefner

News Editor

Hi, my name is Olivia Hefner. I am 11 years old. Some things I love to do are art, reading and field hockey. I love school, and my favorite subject is science. I am VERY exited for newspaper. This is my second year doing it, and I loved it last year. Now, stop reading this bio and start reading some stories!!! :D

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Juliet Hetzer

Student Life Editor

I like to play instruments. I play clarinet, piano, viola, and I used to play cello. I also play sports. I play soccer, and I play softball. I have one cat named Gilbert. He is very loving but is scared of new people. My family is my mom, my dad and my brother.

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Bryn Felgner

Staff Reporter

My name is Bryn Felgner. I like soccer. My favorite color is light pink, and a book I like to read is called "The One and Only Ivan." My favorite food is calzone because it's wrapped up in pizza.

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William Russello

Staff Reporter

My name is William Russello. My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite color is blue because I love to swim and blue is the color of the water. My favorite food is pasta because I am Italian. I what to write for the Sports Section because I play so many sports.

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Heather Reische

Staff Reporter

My name is Heather Reische, and I like playing soccer on the Devils. I also like playing basketball. My favorite color is blue because it's cool. When I am in fifth, I hope to write for the Student Life section because I like learning about other kids' lives. My favorite food is pasta because it tastes good. My favorite subjects are reading, writing and math.  

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Lucy Cole

Staff Reporter

My name is Lucy Cole and my favorite things to do are dance, go hiking and camping.  Next year, I want to manage the Student Life section because I like to see what other students think about what is going on. My favorite color is navy blue because it is just the right color for me. My favorite food is crunchy kale because it is healthy for you and it is buttery.

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Alex Dolen

Staff Reporter

My name is Alex Dolen. My favorite sport is swimming. I swim over the the summer. I love reading books. My favorite book is "Dragon Rider." I love writing in the Colonial newspaper. This is my first year doing it. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is dairy because I love cheese and milk.

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Maggie Memoli

Staff Reporter

My name is Maggie Memoli, and I love writing for the Colonial Times. I like to play soccer, and I'm on the Dingoes. I also play basketball, and I'm on the Warriors. My favorite food is sausage and broccoli rabe. My favorite color is aqua because it is a mix of green and blue.

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Jada-Lynn Baez

Student Life Editor

My name is Jada-Lynn Baez. I am ten years old. I love to play many sports! Some of my favorite sports are lacrosse, basketball, soccer and softball. I have a pet puppy named Rhaegar and I love hime a lot. I am reading the Dork Diaries series and the Harry Potter series. I love fiction books. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter.  My favorite hobby is playing with my four-year-old sister,...

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Luke Dolan

Staff Reporter

I like hockey, baseball and soccer. I have a dog and two sisters. My favorite food is fish.

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Anjali Shekher

Staff Reporter

My name is Anjali Shekher, and I love writing for the newspaper. I also love playing lacrosse. My hobbies are cooking, dancing, singing. I speak three different languages: Indian, French, English. My favorite color is aqua. My favorite thing to do is email my friends. My favorite food is miso soup.

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Emma Bier

Staff Reporter

My name is Emma, and I love to play lacrosse. My favorite foods are pizza and pasta. I have a brother who is seven years old, and I have a dog (Bailey) and a cat (Snickers). My favorite colors are blue and purple. I'm ten years old, and my favorite series is Harry Potter because I love fantasy books and books that have magic in them. My favorite animal is a dolphin and a bunny because they are really...

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Gillian Ho

Student Life Editor

Hi, my name is Gillian, and I am in 5S. My favorite color is purple, and my birthday is Oct. 19. My favorite books are "Wonder" and "I Will Always Write Back." I have a pet bunny named Beck, who is super cute! I play violin, cello and take voice lessons. My favorite movie is "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children." I love to watch "America's Got Talent" and "Gravity Falls." I like to eat sushi...

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Sean McGovern

Staff Reporter

I like soccer, baseball and basketball. My favorite foods are pizza, pasta with tomato sauce and shrimp. I have an older brother and a little sister. I have two pets, a dog and a fish. My favorite thing is video games.

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Ben Martucci

A&E Editor

Hi! I am Ben Martucci. I like to play soccer and lacrosse. I play for Pelham lacrosse, and I play rec soccer and travel soccer. I have two dogs, Kelsey, who is a rescue, and Moxie, who was in the Puppy Bowl. My mom works for People magazine as an editor. She also wrote a book about a year ago. My dad is a teacher, and he works for Colonial School. He has been teaching for over twenty years. I also h...

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Maxim Katchoura

Staff Reporter

I like science and recess. I have a cat named Dasha who likes to sleep, eat, lay around and run. My favorite restaurant is Applebee's. My favorite color is black. My favorite food is shrimp. My hobby is caring for Dasha.

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Joe Martucci

Student Life Editor

Joe Martucci is 10 years old. He is in fifth grade. He loves to ski and play soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. he also plays piano.He loves hamburgers and chocolate milk. He likes to play Minecraft and Madden on his WiiU. He has a baby sister, twin brother and mom and dad. He also has two dogs named Kelsey and Moxie. He loves taking vacations, too.;)

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Ava Karame

Staff Reporter

Ava Karame loves hockey. Her team is the Pelham Penguins. Ava's favorite places to go are NYC, Canada and Mexico. Her hobbies are art, rugby and writing. Her favorite subject is writing.

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Arden Keough

Staff Reporter

Arden Keough loves to play soccer. Her team is the Power. Her hobbies are sports and acting. She loves to write. She also loves gymnastics. Her favorite movie is "Backbend Kickover." Her favorite food is mac and cheese.

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Noah Sherbansky

Staff Reporter

I love to play hockey and play outside. I also love to play video games. I also have one brother and one sister.

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Audrey Davis

Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Audrey. I like to sing, draw and tell jokes. I also like jiu-jitsu and watching Mets baseball games. My favorite color is turquoise/lavender, and I like lions and coyotes. My favorite foods are sushi and cupcakes. and my favorite game is Roblox.

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Timothy Magambo

A&E Editor

I'm in fifth grade. I love movies. "Spiderman Homecoming" is the best. I'm a soccer player. I'm a gamer for life. I love me a Greek salad. I have a younger brother and a mom and dad.

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Will Dunhill


Hi, my name is Will Dunhill. My favorite sport is hockey. I have two brothers, one sister and a dog. I like video games, water skiing and playing with my friends. My favorite food is Chinese chicken and rice.

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Lila Berkery

Staff Reporter

Lila Berkery is nine years old, and she is in fourth grade. She loves playing lacrosse, playing with her friends and especially writing stories. She is always so excited to learn about new things, and she loves writing new stories so other people can learn about new things too! Lila loves animals, especially huskies. She enjoys spending time and having fun with huskies. She really enjoys going on...

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Plum Durham

Staff Reporter

Plum Durham spends most of her time playing sports. Her favorite sport is lacrosse. Every Friday, she waits for the lunch bell to ring so she can find some interesting stories and write about them. Her favorite parts of the week is when she gets to write, go to newspaper, play clarinet and when she gets to see her friends. In the spring and fall, every Saturday she goes to her travel soccer game,...

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Sabine Bushong

Our Town Editor

Hello!! I am Sabine Bushong. I enjoy newspaper and dance, and yoga. My favorite color is rose gold. I was born in 2007. I am the youngest of three kids in a family of five. I was born in a  hospital in New York and love NYC's pretzels (with spicy mustard), falafel, bubble tea and hot dogs (again, with spicy mustard).. :) I have two cats named Teddy (Theodore, but we call him Theo or Teddy) and...

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Waverly Nanda

Staff Reporter

Waverly Nanda spends most of her time playing sports. She is on her school basketball team, town travel soccer team and town travel lacrosse team. She enjoys reading, writing and playing with her friends. She also likes to go to school with all her friends.

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Lark Martin

Sports Editor

Lark Martin is Colonial Times Sports Editor. She loves to write comics and novels. Also, she rides horses, plays tennis and volleyball. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, and moved to Pelham in 2014. Lark's favorite book is "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Her favorite color is blue. She has wonderful friends and family. Lark loves newspaper and writing for the Colonial Times.

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Julia Findikyan

A&E Editor

Hi, my name is Julia and I am 10 years old. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is pasta, and my favorite book is "The Keeper of the Lost Cities." I especially love being an editor on the Colonial Times. The things I like to do are play soccer, baking, bike riding, acting, singing, dancing, reading, and I especially love my friends and family. I have a twin sister named Kira, an older brother ...

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Kira Findikyan

News Editor

Kira Findikyan loves everything soccer. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves singing and acting. She has an identical twin sister and a brother. She is 10 years old. Her favorite book is "Keeper of the Lost Cities." She loves writing so newspaper is perfect for her. She loves being a News Editor and Her favorite food in the whole world is Mac and Cheese. She has a dog named Henry and a fish.

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Claire Van Praagh

Student Life Editor

Claire loves soccer, running, basketball and gymnastics. She also likes acting and singing. Claire edits for the Student Life section of the Colonial Times newspaper. She enjoys coming to the library every Tuesday and writing about her new stories.

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Brewer Anderson

Staff Reporter

Brewer Anderson is an athletic and interesting 10-year-old boy. He is in class 4G and loves to play sports such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball and chess. He has hobbies of cooking and has a ginormous love for the Green Bay Packers. Brewer was born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Pelham in 2015. Brewer is in student government and looks to improve Colonial as much as he can.

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Charlotte Seligman

News Editor

I am 10 years old. I love to act, sing, dance and bake. I love being on the Colonial newspaper. I have a cat named Cha-Cha, a dog named Stanley and a sister named Lola. My favorite book is Where the Mountain meets the Moon and my favorite color is yellow. My favorite soup is my babysitters pumpkin soup. My favorite subject is writing.

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Skyler Austin

Staff Reporter

Once upon a time,  I was born in N.Y. City. I moved to Pelham when I was about five. I love soccer and theater. I also have two brothers, and my favorite color is light blue

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