Colonial student government produces weekly program ‘Paws Today’

By Finley Bethea, Staff Reporter

June 7, 2020

THE INTERNET — The Colonial Student Government is keeping peers updated with "Paws Today." "Paws Today" is a mini-movie that reports on the weather and gives jokes, science experiments and recipes. "I like that the whol...

Students say they’re learning less online than in school; some like drop in stress

By Luigi Di Cristofano, Staff Reporter

May 4, 2020

Covid-19 has caused students around the globe to stop going to school for the rest of the school year in many school districts. Pelham has an online curriculum, but the question is whether or not kids are having problems learning. "At...

Teachers don’t love virtual teaching but face challenge, miss seeing students in person

By Paolo Carideo, Staff Reporter

May 3, 2020

Because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, schools have shut down across the country. As a result, students have to learn at home, which is hard for students and teachers everywhere. Ron Martucci, a fourth grade teacher at...

Martuccis have fourth child

By Finley Bethea, Staff Reporter

April 19, 2020

PELHAM — Fourth grade teacher Ron Martucci's wife gave birth to their fourth child. The Martuccis' newest is a baby girl named May Kathleen. They decided to name her May "because everyone else has a one-syllable name," M...

Pennies for Patients canceled because of health hazards

By Kyser Haines, Staff Reporter

April 19, 2020

The Pennies for Patients town meeting was canceled before school was closed because of concerns about coronavirus. Every year, this town meeting is held. This year, the teachers had to be careful because of the rapidly spreading...