Hi, my name is Anna Shampanier-Bowen. I am 10 years old. I have one brother; he is in 3D. I am in class 5H. I love Colonial School. It is the best school EVER!!!! This is my second year on the Colonial Times staff. My hobbies include reading, writing and volleyball. In reading, my fav book is Harry Potter 7. I am funny (so people tell me :0). Bye!

Anna Shampanier-Bowen, Student Life Editor

Jun 22, 2013
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Apr 22, 2013
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Mar 25, 2013
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Mar 12, 2013
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Dec 02, 2012
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Jul 11, 2012
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Jun 02, 2012
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May 06, 2012
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Jan 27, 2012
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Nov 17, 2011
Colonial Times staffers see presses running, learn about production at Herald Community Newspapers (Story)
Oct 29, 2011
Bus arrives Oct. 31 to be stuffed with PJs and books for kids in need (Story/Media)
Anna Shampanier-Bowen