My name is Florence Moraes. I am a girl. I am in 3K. I am nine years old. My birthday is May 9. I have three sisters. One of my sisters is named Eleanor, and she does newspaper with me, and the other two sisters are named Gloria and Harriet. Gloria is seven, Eleanor is 11 and Harriet. I have two Guinea pigs named Holly and Ivy. I love cats, parrots, seals, sea turtles, dolphins, horses, bunnies, jellyfish and  dogs. I like swimming, gymnastics, bike rides and horse-back riding. My favorite color is purple. I play two instruments, the cello and recorder. I like ice cream, cake, cup cakes and apple crisp. My favorite foods are tacos and pizza. I would like to have a pet dog and cat. I am moving, but I don't want to move because Colonial is such a great school. My best friends are Emily in 3A, Annika in 3K, Lian in 3K and Francesca. I have to say all the teachers I have had were great.

Florence Moraes, Staff Reporter

Florence Moraes