‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ new Disney+ series, has its ups and downs


“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is a TV show that is about two superheroes, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, both of whom served as sidekicks to Captain America at different times. It is set after the film “Avengers: Endgame.”

Imagine your friend dying and there being an object that is the last thing you have left of that person. And the object is given to someone else. That’s what it is like in the story for the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barns).

This series is about hardship, hope and friendship. It has its ups and downs. At times, I was confused.

My favorite part is when Sam (Falcon) jumped out of the plane in the first five minutes of the first episode. My least favorite part is when the evil Zemo is let out of prison. That confused and surprised me.

The main villain’s names are Karli and  John F. Walker.

The Falcon gives Captain America’s shield to the U.S. to display in a museum. But the government provides the shield to Walker to be the new Captain America. He’s not a very good one. He doesn’t use his power correctly and does bad things like killing a person in public with the shield.

Karli is a terrorist who’s angry about how the world has changed since half of humanity returned at the conclusion of “Endgame.”