New Encanto Movie is a Fan Favorite


A new animated film ¨Encanto¨on  Disney Plus, has become a fan favorite film of all ages becoming a must watch for the world.  

The new sky rocketing movie “Encanto” is set in rural Colombia about a magical family, the Madrigals. Mirabel Madrigal is the only Madrigal without a magical gift. With a giant family Mirabel is sometimes left out of things.  

The family lives in a house known as Casita that is magical and moves to accommodate the family. Just like the family, the house is magical. The source of the magic is a candle in Abuela’s room, and it created the house 50 years ago. One night, Mirabel is alone and sees the house slowly cracking. She thinks that her uncle Bruno, who ran away a long time ago, could help her. She discovers  a vision that Bruno had, which shows her in front of the breaking house.

Mirabel later finds out that Bruno has been living in the walls of the Casita all along. Mirabel decides to confront her family about Bruno which leads to an argument. The fight between family members causes the candle to melt, destroying the magic and casita. 

When Abuela apologizes to Mirabel she explains the story of Abuelo Pedro. As soon as Albuela finished, Bruno comes out of the woods and shows himself to Abuela after 10 years. When they returned to Casitas ruins, everyone in the town helped rebuild Casita. Rebuilding Casita restored the magic. 

Many Colonial students have had a lot of positive feedback about this movie. Jai from 5S said “Mostly I liked the music, little jokes and easter eggs, there is a lot more but mostly I liked the music”. Elihu from 1H said, “I loved the magic!” 

 Encanto has become a very popular movie around the world but especially at Colonial school.