Cheaper by the Dozen


On March 18th, 2022, the remake of a classic movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” was released and is accessible on Disney+. The movie is about a big blended family called the Bakers.

The Baker family owns a breakfast diner and the father Paul Baker invents a sauce that is sweet, salty, and savoury depending on what you eat it with. Paul Baker uses the extra money from his sauce sales to get his family a big house with a pool but there are a few problems.  You’ll have to watch it yourself to find out!

Here’s what some students at Colonial think of the movie, Madison says “I think it is really nice.” Jack Dittus-Ling says “ It was very funny. I would definitely watch it again and recommend it.” Lastly, Amanda Ferrara says “It was great movie, and it was definitely not boring.”