The Amazing Maurice


The Amazing Maurice is about a talking cat, talking rats and a boy.

The cat, Maurice, wants to make money. The rats want to look for a world where humans and rats live together. Maurice pretends that the world is real (which it is not real) and acts like he knew cats who had been there. Maurice tricks the rats into going into a village to make money. The village is running out of food and the rat catchers are sent to the mayor of the village and the rat catcher’s “employer” convinces him that rats are not stealing the food. When they get to the village the rats start stealing food and Maurice wanders into a house. Maurice meets a boy Keith and he tries to stop him. There they meet a girl who thinks the world is a story and she figures out that Maurice is a talking cat.

Finally, Maurice, Keith and the girl break into the rat catchers house where they find all of the food but the rat catchers see them and they are trapped. Maurice runs out to try and tell the rats about the pit and finds that they are also trapped. In the end, Maurice and the rats escape and you will have to watch for yourself to find out the rest!