Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar Winning; Pinocchio


In Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar winning; Pinocchio, Geppetto’s son passes away and he creates a wooden figure that looks like a boy. While he is asleep, a creature appears and brings Pinocchio, the wooden figure, to life and gives a cricket one wish if it could make Pinocchio a good boy. When Geppetto wakes up to a surprise, he does not exactly like it. Pinocchio runs around with saws, smashes things and disobeys Geppetto. He goes to church and runs around and the people are surprised. The church leader comes to Geppetto’s house and tells him that Pinocchio has to go to school.

On the way to school, a circus manager with his pet chimp tricks Pinocchio into joining the circus. Geppetto goes to the circus and finds him. The circus manager and Geppetto fight over him and Pinocchio goes flying into the road and gets run over by a truck and dies. He goes into a strange place and goes through a doorway and there is the mysterious creature that brought him to life. Pinocchio can never truly die unless he comes back into the world before all the sand in an hourglass runs out. The more times he dies, the longer he has to wait. Eventually, he comes back to life and goes home with Geppetto. Geppetto says that he is a burden so during the night, Pinocchio sneaks out of the house and goes to the circus. When Geppetto wakes up, he realizes that he did not mean what he said and goes to find Pinocchio. He follows the circus all over but Pinocchio goes across the ocean with the circus and when Geppetto tries to get across the ocean, he gets swallowed by the dogfish; a gigantic monster that could swallow a lighthouse whole. Meanwhile, Pinocchio goes to perform for an Italian dictator. Eventually he comes back to life again and goes to a place where he trains for the army but a real battle happens and Pinocchio is captured by the circus manager and is going to be burned but Spatchatura saves him.

They fall into the ocean and paddle for a long time and then think they see a small island and are about to get on but it was actually the dogfish and he and Spatchatura are swallowed by it. Inside, Pinocchio and Geppetto are reunited and are happy. They figure out how to  get out of the dogfish; the blowholes. Pinocchio lies a lot and makes his nose grow so they can climb to the blowhole. They are all sneezed out onto the beach but Pinocchio is dead. The cricket from the beginning uses his wish to bring Pinocchio back to life. Pinocchio live happily ever after.