Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea


The new Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea was released on March 28th, 2023. This book is filled with action, adventure and friendship! 

In the book, the Chief goes on a date with Nurse Lady. They go to a restaurant with a mean owner who doesn’t allow dogs. Dog Man spills trash over the owner. Chief thinks it was a bad date but Nurse Lady thinks it was hilarious. Then they go on a swing and Dog Man chews the rope and falls and they all want to do it again. Meanwhile the fleas are in jail and the jail gets broken by “Bad Mr. Stinkles” and the fleas escape +3 bugs. All of them fly to Uncle Larry’s Supa Sub and Daryl changes the name from The Fleas to the Friendly Friends❤. Sarah reports the problem and the newspaper misinterprets and exaggerates it. Then the sub grows and Piggy tricks them into throwing pies. Piggy betrays everyone and they get tiny. So tiny that they end up on Piggys nose and get into a sweat gland where a mite starts eating everyone…

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