DeCicco & Sons is trying to spice up school lunch menus


Grocery store DeCicco & Sons is trying to make school lunch more exciting by offering a menu for Pelham school district students.

Many students are bored with having the same old lunch every day. That’s where DeCicco comes in.

“I like the idea and would love to have something different for lunch,” said Jared Slawsky.

“I am bored of the same lunch,” said Sebastian Ferrara.

DiCiccos wants all parents to know that each daily lunch option changes and comes with a snack that also changes. Not only that, but it can be picked up at DiCicco’s Pelham location. There are two lunch choices per day.

“I would like a different school lunch,” said William Kapplow.

With the idea starting to gain interest, parents are also starting to take interest.

Emily Upshur said, “It’s a great idea.” She is a mom of students going to Colonial and has noticed that her children have not been eating lunch.

“This program has been a great help for many of our Pelham parents and we would like to know if this is something that you would like to see continued through the summer as a quick camp lunch,” wrote store executive Maria Luisa Cristofano-DeCicco in a Facebook post.