Coming Soon: Spring-Summer Fair Filled with Sweets, Scones, Juice and Live Music!


The Pelham community will continue the Spring through Summer street fair after a two year break! 

The fair will be located on Michael Henry Schwerner Street. The street was named after Michael Schwerner, a Pelham resident who fought for civil rights. This fun fair will bring a new light with the new hour long fair. There will be food, candy, and games. Sounds fun, right? 

This will be one of the first fairs without COVID-19 restrictions! As of March 5th, masks have become optional in many places such as Pelham schools and small businesses. Thankfully, Pelham’s COVID-19 restrictions will keep us safe. We recommend you take a quick COVID-19 test if you have symptoms just in case before going to this recreational one-of-a-kind carnival. 

One very important part of the fair will be their live music. People from all over can come on stage to sing, play an instrument, or both! It is an interactive experience where the audience can dance to the electrifying music. Just what we need after a hectic year! Volunteers at the fair will be selling CD’s. You can find yourself listening to these for years to come. 

This highly anticipated fair is going to be a great place to relax, and have fun without the restrictions that have prohibited us from doing what we all need right now. WHICH IS HAVE FUN! So buy yourself a ticket and enjoy as the fair kicks off and listen to live music, entertainment, and an unforgettable adventure.