Color Run, Color Fun!


On Sunday, May 22nd, 2022, Pelham hosted their sixth annual color run. The color run is a fundraiser to raise money for programs that support the wellbeing of families and youth in need. Anne Frost started this program in 2019 as a branch of Project Community.

The run was a 2.5 mile run or walk for Pelham residents. Over 700 people attended the 2022 color run. Kiri Augeri from 5S who attended the color run said,“I think it was good and I’d do it again!” Participants were rewarded at the end with ice cream and hot dogs from Walter’s at the Siwanoy playground. 

Volunteers got to spray people with blasts of colors such as blue, pink, and orange. Iris Kaplan, a volunteer this year stated, “I had fun! Many people tried to avoid the colors but I managed to get them.” 

 It was an enjoyable run on a perfect day! The color run was filled with positivity and fun color blasts of powder.