Fifth Grade Field Trip Fun!

On June 7th, 2022, Colonial’s fifth graders headed to Boundless Adventure for a field trip! 

The ropes course at Boundless Adventures consisted of four levels starting with yellow, green, blue, and finally black which was the hardest level. Everyone started with yellow or green then moved on. During the safety briefing staff informed us about twizzling and moving across the elements. 

After moving across the practice lines and understanding the fundamentals of climbing, the kids were more comfortable climbing the courses such as the Brave Boat, Ralphie’s Run, and Rough Terrain. 

Many people loved the Boundless Adventure field trip. It is very special because it is their last field trip in Elementary School. Most kids who went on the blue had so much fun. One of them was  Virelai Preftakes, who stated, “I loved it but it was REALLY scary”

Boundless Adventures was a fun experience for all the fifth graders!