Sweet Lincoln

When Double Rainbow, the only ice cream parlor in Pelham closed, it was hard to get ice cream because there weren’t any shops nearby. Then, people heard that there was a new ice cream shop coming called Sweet Lincoln and everybody was thrilled. Sweet Lincoln opened on September 14th, 2022, and since then many people have stopped by to get their delicious treats!  

Sweet Lincoln has a lot of history. It replaced Sound Chicken in downtown Pelham. It is run by Mark Kindig and his partner Clay Bushong. Bushong is the owner of the Mexican restaurant Cantina Lobos also located in Pelham. 

Many Colonial students have visited Sweet Lincoln and love their ice-cream flavors. We asked around our school and here are what some of the students think. A lot of students like the crazy flavors like cookie monster, cotton candy, or caramel. Also, some said their favorite flavors are chocolate and vanilla. Mr. Martucci a fourth grade teacher at Colonial said,  “I like anything with peanut butter!” 

Next time you want to get some good ice cream in Pelham, remember to check out Sweet Lincoln.