The Pelham Picture House Presents: The Super Mario Bros Movie!


The Pelham Picture House located on Wolfs Lane is now streaming the new movie The Super Mario Bros Movie!

This movie aired just a few weeks ago on April 5th, 2023. The Super Mario Bros Movie aired in the picture house on April 26th and 27th both at 7:00pm. These are the last two screenings of the movie in the picture house, however other theaters will be showing it after and you will be able to get it on peacock in the next few weeks or so if you prefer watching at home.

The Pelham Picture House sells many different snacks if you are a snacker.  Some of the snacks are popcorn, junior mints, milk duds, m&ms, and sour patch kids. Sodas and water are also available. 

Go catch a movie and enjoy some delicious snacks at the Pelham Picture House!