PCT Puts on Guys and Dolls Jr for the First Time Since 2012


The Guys and Dolls play was an amazing play that was directed and produced by Pelham Children’s Theater (PCT) that was performed by fifth and sixth graders. To perform in the play you had to audition by singing a song of your choice. You would also have to say a line from the play as one of the leading characters. All of the actors did an amazing job and got to go to a well earned after party after the play.

There were quite a few kids from Colonial school that were in Guys and Dolls Jr. Here are all of them in one list; Kendall Clark, Penelope McGibbon, Rosie Bagwell, Rooney Khan, Julie Mothner, Micah Sinha, Matteo Panzani, Austin Fedele and Conor Ginsburg. The whole cast and crew of Guys and Dolls Jr were amazing and all the most popular songs for the movie were in the play.

Guys and Dolls Jr was performed at the Pelham Memorial High School. It was performed in the auditorium and each group of cast members had their own room to stay backstage when they weren’t onstage. The stage was decorated with paint and wooden boards, volunteers helped with set design and made the play amazing. The play also had snacks that the audience could get before the play and during intermission.

Guys and Dolls was performed 3 times on May 5th,6th, and 7th the after party was after the very last performance. At the after party the cast and crew got to enjoy snacks and drinks and they also had a candy box filled with old fashion candy. All of the performances were phenomenal, all of the cast were amazing in each and every performance.

The play was directed by Benjamin Yates and choreographed by Jill Jackson Lobo, the Musical director was Gary Schwartz. The amazing showbook was put together by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. Each school had a dedicated page for all of their fifth grade students and sixth grade alumni. The production was produced by; Jennifer Condon, Stephanie Gilmartin, Tyson Newton Stephens, and Colleen Ring.

If you ask us, the play Guys and Dolls was a very good play. It showed energy and some action. Every actor in the entire play did amazing and the play was very entertaining. For everyone who watched Guys and Dolls we hoped you enjoyed it and loved the experience. Thank you for reading our final newspaper article about GUYS AND DOLLS.