Mrs. Norman is Retiring: 20 Amazing Years at Colonial School

COLONIAL LIBRARY — Mrs. Kim Norman is the library teacher at Colonial School and also runs the student government program. At the end of the year, she is retiring after 20 years working at the school.

Mrs. Norman has done much for this school. She is so helpful to the Kindergartners when they first come to Colonial. This reporter remembers when he first came to the school. Mrs. Norman showed a group the library for the first time, and she was so nice.

“I came to Colonial for the first time as a substitute teacher and felt welcomed,” said Mrs. Norman.

She said she might come back to the school to help with lunch. She said she loved that you felt special when you were at Colonial.

One funny thing that happened to her while she was at Colonial was when she “got April fooled by a Kindergartner,” said Mrs. Norman.